Natural and fresh low-alcohol drink with apple and citrus flavour.
D_OMEN, with its citrus-fruity organoleptic properties is obtained by mixing a pure alcohol-base with essential oils and vegetable dyes, among which apple prevails.
The citrus aroma, conferred by the orange peels, is enhanced by a pleasant cinchona, gentian and rhubarb bitter base.
Straight at room temperature, smooth up on the rocks, mixed with sparkling wine or orange juice or as a base of endless combinations of cocktails and aperitifs.


Ruby-red colour, intense, versatile and charismatic for a fresh and natural liquor.
The secret of its recipe lies in the choice of natural and high quality ingredients.
Suitable for single-variety tasting, straight or on the rocks, D_OMEN has a unique and persistent taste which makes it the perfect “Rosso Base” for your cocktails and aperitifs.
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