Neri Schioppettino


The spicy notes are fully perceptible, as well as the varied aromatic and olfactory composition.

A spirit for those who prefer to approach the traditions of taste without losing the chance to explore the world of high-quality spirits.


The alcoholic fermentation of the Schioppettino grape pomace occurs in the must and then in the cellar. Distillation occurs in eight copper pot stills.

Judicious cutting of heads and tails by the expert master distiller isolates a “heart” of the distillate free of defects and complete and balanced, with an alcohol content of approximately 75°. The “transformation” to the final alcohol content (40°) is achieved by water dilution and cold-filtration, at a temperature that assures the preservation of the fruity component.

A colourless crystal clear grappa. The nose hints are frank and fragrant, elegant and fine.
The taste is optimally persistent and balanced. Thanks to the pomace of the black grapes and its particular alcoholic fermentation, the resulting distillate is characterised by a round and balanced bouquet.

70cl bottiglia classica 70cl bottiglia classica senza confezione

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