Domenis Gold Edition

Domenis Gold Edition

The grape pomace is collected fresh, also fermented, from selected suppliers.
Distillation occurs in copper pot stills. The conduction of distillation takes place according to the historical methods preserved by Domenis family for 4 generations, methods adapted for decades to the raw material change in order to enhance every kind of quality pomace depending on grape variety place of origin reestablishing typicality.
Sometimes from white grape pomace for their aromatic richness and frankness, sometimes from black grape pomace for their extreme smoothness and elegance and sometimes mixed with the right combination between aromatic richness and elegant balance.

The only ingredients at the bottom of DOMENIS: the best possible pomace, the great ability of our master distillers and nquestionable wisdom of assemblage of our maître de chai as well as our aging process experience.


All the knowledge and art of DOMENIS1898, concentrated in this new and unusual, exciting traditional product.
The extreme selection made to achieve an incomparable quality does not allow us to guarantee the production every year, production anyway limited to 1000 bottles, numbered.

DOMENIS GOLD EDITION is a riserva grappa from the best white and black grape pomace from Friuli hills.

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70cl bottiglia classica

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