Frank like the territory where it is produced, with the mastery and skill of expert distillers.

A series of grappas with increasing strengths, never demanding but always generous in their construction and unmistakable on the palate. Ideal for all end-of-meal moments, offering the choice of the right alcohol level to celebrate one’s ability to enjoy life.


The black and white grape pomace is collected fresh, also fermented, from selected suppliers and stored in silos, preserving it from the air according to a delicate method which involves covering the silo. This helps maintain a favourable environment for conservation of the material for some months.

The pomace is distilled with judicious cutting of the “heads” and “tails” that isolates the “heart” of the distillate to make it free of defects, complete and balanced, with an alcohol content of approximately 75°. The “transformation” to the final alcohol level is obtained by water dilution and cold filtration at a temperature which assures preservation of the fruity components.
Colourless and crystalline, with generous aromatic intensity on the nose, the taste is harmonious and intense with a long and pleasant finish.

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